Preschool Program

Amazing Creations Preschool provides a loving, nurturing environment that values every child’s uniqueness. The curriculum is a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities that provide diverse experiences to foster social, emotional, academic, physical & spiritual development while encouraging creativity and autonomy. Our mission is “To provide a Christian environment for children to grow in God’s love while strengthening their social, emotional, academic & physical development.”

Program Features

Ages 18 months through Entering Kindergarten

  • Daily small-group instruction which promotes skill development
  • The perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime
  • An environment focused on the development of the whole child
  • A variety of activities that support learning concepts for this age group
  • Encouragement and support that lead to confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to keep you informed about your child’s day


We offer flexible schedules within the week with options for four different pick-up times. Special needs children are welcome with adequate services and support provided through the school district and/or parents.

Preschool Class

Our Preschool class is geared to both two and three year olds. This classroom has a max of 17 students with two teachers. This classroom works on the transition into the school setting. The teachers do a great job helping the kids adjust to saying “bye” to mom and dad, following directions, and sitting for circle. This classroom focuses on socialization and gives plenty of time for free interaction among the children. It is wonderful to see the children building strong relationships with their friends in the classroom at such a young age. We also assist with potty training in the preschool class for an additional fee. Academically, this classroom focuses on letter and sound recognition of lower case letters using the “zoo-phonics” curriculum, number recognition up to 10, and writing their first names.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Our Pre-K class is geared toward older three’s and four year olds and builds on many of the skills they learned in the younger classroom. This classroom has max 24 students with three teachers. Before moving to the Pre-K classroom, the child must be potty trained, be able to follow directions, and sit for circle. Our Pre-K classroom is focus on kindergarten readiness and specifically focuses on the skills your child needs when entering kindergarten. This classroom continues to allow for plenty of time for free play interactions as the children’s social skills continue to grow and develop. Academically, we continue to use the “zoo-phonics” curriculum for letter and sound recognition in lower case, as well as upper case letters. We begin writing both lower and upper case letters and begin sounding out small words. We also practice writing both first and last names. We work on number recognition and writing numbers up to 20. This classroom also has a rich science curriculum.

Junior Kindergarten Class

Our Jr-K class opened in fall of 2011. It is geared to our more matured four and five year olds, who may be old enough for kindergarten but are needing another year of preschool. The classroom has a smaller class size, twelve students with a teacher and an aid. This classroom has a very similar curriculum to the pre-k class, with a slightly more academic focus than the younger classroom.

Toddler Class

Our toddler classrooms are for children age 18 months to two and a half years.  These classrooms have a max of six children with one teacher. Children enrolled in this class will focus on separting from mom and dad, socialization, and potty-training.

Extra Classes

We have several extra classes that are available for the convenience of our currently enrolled families at an additional fee. We have a half hour soccer program called Soccer Shots. In this class, children are exposed to variety of sports skills. We also have a 45 minute tumbling class offered by Tough Tumblers. The children learn coordination, flexibility, and it helps improve their balance and strength.  All these classes are offered once a week during the school year.

Language Tutoring

For those children struggling with the English language or just need a little extra help with language development, we offer tutoring classes for $20 for each 20 minute session. Those enrolled in the program get individual time with a teacher who reads stories, sing songs, and plays language games with the kids. These tutoring sessions are offered to give a little extra confidence to those who need it but should not replace speech therapy in the case of a delay.