Our Staff

Aside from successful experiences and education, our staff and teachers are dedicated to educating and nurturing children. This level of commitment allows them to provide inspiration, challenge, compassion, and patience to your child within our center. We provide on-going support and training to our staff to ensure continued success with children.

Ms. Erin


I joined the Amazing Creations family in 2011 as a preschool class teacher. Since then I have worked in our Pre-k, Jr-k, and Toddler classes before I moved into the Assistant Director position. Most recently in October of 2017 I was appointed as the schools Director. I also work for our church, St Luke, as their Children’s Ministry Director. I have 15 years of experience working with children. My experience ranges for working in home settings, to daycare, to teaching elementary school and preschool. I graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Childhood and Adolescents Development.  The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing the children grow and learn under our loving and caring staff. In my spare time I love spending time with my daughter and husband!

Ms. Elena

Assistant Director

Hello, my name is Elena. I was born in Rome, Italy. I came to the United States when I was very young. I became interested in teaching preschool after occasionally accompanying my mother, a preschool teacher to work. During the summer, I would volunteer at her preschool, and from there, developed a love for children. I have worked with children for over 20 years, with ages ranging from infants, all the way to school age. I have also been a behavioral therapist for children with Autism. Not only am I a staff member here at Amazing Creations Preschool, but I am also a parent. I have a beautiful three-year-old who attends Amazing Creations, and she absolutely loves it! In my spare time, I love enjoying time with my family, and crafting.

Ms. Veronica

Curriculum Coordinator/Toddler Teacher

I was born in Lima, Peru. I came to the USA in 1997. My first priority then, was to learn English as fast as I could. I learned English in 6 months by reading books and using an English to Spanish dictionary. I always knew I wanted to work with children. I started working with children in 2007. I have been married to my husband Patrick since 2011. We had a little girl in 2013, who also attends Amazing Creations and she loves it! I joined the Amazing Creations family in 2016 and I am so glad I did, I love working here. I am currently working on my AA in child development and liberal arts. In my spare time I like to craft, hang out with my family, and read.


Ms. Gena

Toddler Teacher

Hello my name is Gena Arroyo, I am a toddler teacherhere at Amazing Creations preschool. I enjoy teaching and watching them grow and become successful. I have been working with children for more than 23 years. I received my teaching credentials at San Jose City college, and West Valley college. I’m a proud mother of two children and a grandmother. During my free time I enjoy spending time with my children and my grandson. My favorite children’s book is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”


Ms. Elaine

Preschool Teacher

I have been teaching at Amazing Creations Preschool since Fall of 2014. I have been working with children since 1998. I have been a nanny, worked at travel summer camps, travel science camps, and I also used to be a lead teacher at My Gym. I really enjoy watching children grow and learn. In my spare time, I enjoy playing recreational softball, and spending time with my family, especially my so


Ms. Alison

Preschool Teacher

Hi, my name is Alison and I teach in the preschool classroom. I have been with Amazing Creations since the end of Spring 2018 and have absolutely loved it. I’ve been working with children off and on for ten years, ranging in age from infancy to school age. I went to Truckee Meadows for college in Reno, NV and majored in Early Childhood Education where I was able to recognize how much I truly have a passion for working with young children. I love these early years, as the kids are just coming in to their own and their personalities are starting to come through. I feel blessed to be a part of this stage of their lives.I am the mother of two beautiful girls, 10 and 5. My youngest attended our Jr-K program this summer and I have never been so pleased with the care my child has received emotionally and academically. That experience confirmed to me that I was exactly where I needed to be. In my spare time I enjoy taking little weekend trips, going to the beach, reading and doing family things with my daughter’s.


Ms. Malena

Pre-K  Teacher      

I was born in Arequipa-Peru …. Some years ago, and I have lived there most of my life.  The University was my mother’s idea, however I embraced the opportunity and become a good student, and later I got my bachelor’s degree as a Social Worker.  The Catholic University and my grades opened up excellent job opportunities, and that helped me to develop a wonderful professional experience. I

have studied  two specializations, Public Management for Social Development, and Development of Social Services in the Community, through scholarships from the governments of Spain and Israel. In 2007 I got married and since then I have been living here in California. I started to work with children in 2010.  I saw the opportunity and I jumped in without hesitation.  I have always gotten along with children, so becoming a preschool teacher was a wonderful option for me. I completed the core courses that I needed at Foothill College and now …  I am here.  I have experience with infants (1 year), toddlers (1 year) and preschoolers of 4 years old (7 years) and I love this age.  Why?  Because they make me laugh with their comments and answers, they can have “interesting” discussions about everything, they love jokes and start to make up their own jokes, and their learning outcomes always amaze me.

Ms. Shivangi

Pre-K Teacher

Hi! My name is Shivangi and I moved to the United States about three years ago from India. I have always loved teaching and working with children. My favorite thing about teaching is that there is never a dull moment in the classroom and I get the opportunity to constantly learn and grow! I have a

Bachelors in Psychology and Education and I feel that my background really helps me under
stand children and what would help them excel in the classroom. In my free time I love to read and cook!


Ms. Debra

Pre-K Teacher

Hi my name is Debra. I am a pre- k teacher. I have been working with children for 3+ years. I joined Amazing Creations Preschool in the summer of 2018. I’m also a mother of four amazing children. I really enjoy teaching children because it’s something that is never the same from one student to the next. I enjoy finding out about each one particular student, their interests, their strengths and weaknesses. I also enjoy being able to share my love of music and song! In my free time I like to bake and explore the Bay Area!


Ms. Chitra

Jr-K Teacher

My name is Chitra, and I have had the privilege of being a part of Amazing Creations Preschool since 2003. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I realized how important their early years were, and the positive impact I had on their growth. I was fortunate to have been able to stay at home for several years to nurture them and watch them grow. I am thankful and feel blessed for the opportunity to work in a nurturing, loving environment, where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence while they play. I look forward to continued success and new discoveries with an amazing team of teachers at Amazing Creations!


Mr. Russell

Teacher Aide

Hello, my name is Russell. I have been a teacher’s aide at Amazing Creations Preschool for ten years. In my spare time I like to sky dive and run marathons.





Ms. Judy

Music Teacher

Ms. Judy retired a year ago from Amazing Creations Preschool as the Jr-K teacher. As singing and moving to the music with the children was one of her favorite parts of the job as a teacher, she decided to continue singing and dancing with them once a week! She was an art and English major in college, then went back to school to get ECE training when her daughter was small. She has been teaching ever since. She also worked as a music and movement Head Start preschool teacher and at a community school of music and art.